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221HW5 - remove characters individually and replace them in...

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CSE 221 Homework 5 Alli Sayre 2 April 2008 a. Ensures that the string isn’t empty so that the operations won’t have an I/O error. b. Because t is an output. c. num_chars_to_move = 3, t = “example one” d. Because it the incoming value equals the outgoing value. e. In my mind I saw it flipping the entire string but in the how it actually seems to
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Unformatted text preview: remove characters individually and replace them in other places. f. all_digit_char_so_far >=65 and <=90 g. all_digit_char_so_far >=91 and <=122 h. all_digit_char_so_far >=65 and <=122...
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