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CSE 221 Homework 12 Read Unit 13 and answer all of the Still Awake? exercises. 1. The circle is the original string and the parts of the paw are the rest of the string. 2. More than one, because it is unioning with other parts of m. 3. You call a procedure that splits a string twice, and then cal that same procedure on each of the split strings. I’m not sure whether you’d need a new parameter.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Remove_Any_Pair(id,name) { Remove_Any_Pair(id2, name2); } 5. It’s simpler and more convenient. 6. Reverse_a_String (t) { t.Remove(0,ch); t1.Add(t1.Length()-1, ch); while (t.Length() > 0 { Reverse_a_String(t1) } } 7. a) Visualize the structure b) Verify that leveraging is possible : it is. c) Visualize implementation....
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