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I had been away at college for three months, without going home. When I finally arrived home on that chilly November day, I was so excited. I said Hi to everybody and started wandering around the house. The last door I came to was the door to my bedroom. I swung my door open, ecstatic to finally be in my own room. I stood in the doorway. I looked to the left of me and saw a toy box. The toy box was Dora the Explorer and was overflowing with tons of different toys. I saw a yellow stuffed duck, a pink toy cell phone, a Dora doll, and a brown teddy bear, sticking out of the toy box. As my eyes kept wandering to the
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Unformatted text preview: left, I saw the computer and computer desk. The computer is a black, flat screen dell on a wooden computer desk. The silver monitor sits on the floor underneath the computer desk. The desk is cluttered with papers, books, pencils, and pens. To the left of the desk is a window. When you look out the window you see a gigantic tree in a beautiful big yard. The leaves have all fallen off the tree since it is the middle of winter. Below the window-pane is a sset of two brown drawers....
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