Anthro Jan. 30 - Jan 30: Post Colonial Anthropology 1....

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Jan 30: Post Colonial Anthropology 1. Introduction 1960s we identified a period of Crisis. Closing day is debatable 1980s or we are still in it. One part is anthropological relationship with colonialism. Its said anthro was the help source for colonialism. They gave colonial administrators to control better on colonial countries. 2. The 'Handmaid of Colonialism'? 2 nd wave of colonialism. European anthropologists went to European colonies and so forth Reports were often made available and read by colonial administrators European anthro theory mark the story of colonialism in terms of FUNCTIONALISM. Therefore, related in a theoretical way Most anthropologists did not support colonialism and idea of European superiority Some anthropologists were so outspoken that they were banned from publishing or carrying out their work British anthropologist did all their work in imperial colonies in their empires British went automatically in the mode of power and superiority They came in fieldwork by portraying the dominant position Anthropologists were the only one who worked with indigenous people without changing them They tried to learn language etc. to be like them Seeking a RELATIVIST understanding. Goal is not to change people but to know how people live. They were not theorizing colonialism. Goal was not politics but science. 3. Critique of Functionalism Mallinoski said how individual met its needs Brown looked at how societies changed over time 3 problem:
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A. Assumed Isolation Focus as the people were isolated and societies were isolated. It allowed them to make story about coherent system that made sense.
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Anthro Jan. 30 - Jan 30: Post Colonial Anthropology 1....

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