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Mar 19 anthro lecture - Mar 19 Identity Individualism 1...

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1. Introduction Way of individual identity and comparison of non western ideas Idea of individual: word individual in English meant indivisible and non separable. Now, it means, individual, singular entity E.g. Husband and wife were considered to be indivisible or individual Single people called individual were taken as a negative thing and suggested arrogance Late 1700: individuals were seen to be individual person having rights 200 years ago: individual are basic units of society 1800: we saw individualization: it became a celebration of being a unique person. It corresponds to western philosophy 2. A. René Descartes (1596-1650) Renaissance philosophers Individual were constituted by separate beings by their ability of self know I think, therefore I am Source of identity was not to be found in social relationship but basis of self was found in individual thinking It began to push out medieval thinking of identity determination through hierarchy of being a peasant etc. Both guys in different ways suggested that society was about social contract between individual and government They were social contract theorist based on assumptions of human identity and freedom Possession to own, freedom to enter only contactional relations that serve interest etc. Individual can sell capacities as labor Market relations are same as social relations exchanging part of themselves
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Summary: similarity is that view of individual different from medieval system and religious identities. Idividual identity started to be viewed as individual ownership and
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Mar 19 anthro lecture - Mar 19 Identity Individualism 1...

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