March 12, anthro - Mar 12 Ethnicity Nationalism Genocide 1...

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1. Film: Advertising Missionaries (Papua New Guinea) 2. Introduction 3. Definitions: Ethnicity/Nation Ethnic: Goes back to 1930s and was used to talk about minority groups. It entered English in 1972. Started thinking about it as people who are culturally different from other people Ethnic identity: Intergroup relations. We don’t think about the relation . Idea of nation and nationalism: suggest there will be political boundries along with cultural boundries Ethnic identiy don’t mean separate political identity talk about nationalism in Toronto : don’t mean they want separate nation Some are nationalist: bas in spain But bas in Toronto: will be considered ethnic Term nation: mean everyone living in a political unit even when people inside don’t share the same culture Both ways of ethnic and nationalism have a lot in common Both can be understood as relative, fluid , primordial and invented Key Ideas: Relative: kind of identity become highlighted with ingroup and outgroup. You can never have both in a cultural vacuum. Impossible to test. When people claim their national identity is important to them, it becomes when they see other group as not so important One culture in isolation is not an ethnic grouop Identity becomes important when you see yourself different from people around you Fluid: social, political and context. These kind of identity is very fluid in terms you can be Italian, Sicilian etc. In today’s globalizing world, people are traveling in unprecedented number
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People sense of their national identity and shift Ethnic and national identity has always been fluid Also Primordial: Before history, primordial, mythic explanation. There distinctiveness has extremely deep history
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March 12, anthro - Mar 12 Ethnicity Nationalism Genocide 1...

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