Anthro Jan. 23 - Jan 23 The Post-War World 1 Introduction...

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Jan 23: The Post-War World 1. Introduction World change and anthropology had to change with it. Lot has changed since 1945 People around that time were so horrified that they spent a lot of time and energy to create a postwar world. Created world so other world war would be possible 2. Causes of WWII WW1 caused WW2. Because of the way WW1 ended Treaty of Versailles: decided terms on how it will end. Ended in 1990. First, wanted to punish germany who were the main agressors. Secondly, they wanted to make sure they couldn’t do that the second time Created League of Nations: Country could resolve their problems without going for war. It failed. Germany rearmed and did attack again. But the punishment part worked. They were forced to pay for the damage like infrastructure to France which suffered the most Germany lost its colonies and had lost land as well Payment was done to humiliate Germany and decrease economy. There were high rates of inflation in 1920s. There were huge rate of unemployment and other economic damage. This humiliating position caused Germany to listen to people like Hitler United States : Roaring Twenties : Flat dresses and short. There was a wealth flow and people got involved in stock exchange. Market was very attractive as unpresidented rise in stock and number of stocks available for investors to buy. Stock Market : If everyone believes that value of company or stock increases, everyone starts buying it. To instigate this, Collective belief is needed based on reports that stock will rise It also works in the reverse. If investors know price will fall, investors will try to sell them to get the most value. So sellers need to be convinced and they try to lower the prices Bull market: Stock price go up. 1929 stock market crash: It was based on too much on collective belief. 2 Problems: 1. Value of stock was increasing a lot more than the actual value of the company . For example, GM did not change production or increased factory outlet but value of stock kept on increasing.
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2. New companies established itself that only worked for buying the stocks and then issue their own stock. Shared number of stock increased and money increased and due to large distribution and stock became cheaper. People also started buying stocks without money by borrowing assuming stock will go up and they will pay off. Therefore, there was a lot of debt. Black Tuesday followed by black Tuesday: Stocks never came up and people were in great debt. Collective belief was over. Business involved in stock got out of their business This initiated a lot of general contractions. Lot of people got laid off. Banks put restrictions on taking loan As they were making less, government response was to protect us domestic industries and started keeping foreign items outside. It was done by imposing tariffs . It began another domino effect. Other countries started to do as well as their economy contracted as well due to loss of foreign market which was US. There was a worldwide recession and the contraction continues. It was the beginning of
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Anthro Jan. 23 - Jan 23 The Post-War World 1 Introduction...

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