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Feb 6: Development Theory 1. Introduction Historical materialis: This camp emerges in late 60s. Response to development industry Development: eradicating poverty. But poverty itself is a problematic term. It’s a political idea and emerges in time and history Poverty: we will define in terms of absences like food, clean water. Itw will the absence of good things We started defining in this context after world war 2 Before that, we thought of them as primitive. After the war, started defining them as poor 2. Poverty Problematized A. United Nations (1945) Charter created in 1945 to strive for social progress. Part of the condition was that all countries had to provide national accounting statistics. They were all numbers like GDP etc. As these numbers began to flow in they tried to prevent ww1 condition from reoccurring. Started figuring out problems Solution: find out GDP and divide by the population. Problem became poverty and that became the calculation through GDP. Cut offs are floated around. Defined poverty by per capita Stage 2: Herry cherman 1949 he suggested that western economy should use fruets of their own economic progress and use it to help poor countries He said if problem is per capita …we should transfer the money to the south. Now competition is on that world will follow the west and not the eastern countries due to the end of world war Took a political action
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1951: UN produced a report that living income can be raise if state take the advantage to do that Part 4: success of marshial plan : injection of huge amount of money from US to Europe and japan to build economy of Europe. US did that as it benefited from the war Their own infrastructure was good and economy was good B. Truman's Point Four (1949) C. UN Report (1951) D. Marshall Plan (1947-51): he said that we have massive industrial economy and the problem is that who will buy all this stuff. Best way to ensure their economy progresses is to help European countries so it can sell their goods and make more profit It was very successful for recovery of the war for Germany etc. All other countries started buying the goods and there was a boom in the economy It was evidences that with economy on their knwees can success and poverty can be eradicated as countires recovered New problem: Poverty defined by income per capita. Proof that it could be eradicated was due to marshall plan 3. Modernization Theory The all share common elements. There were not theories but they were models. People modeled to make development happen. There was no theory behind in terms
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Feb. 6 anthro - Feb 6: Development Theory 1. Introduction...

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