Fredrick Douglas

Fredrick Douglas - Frederick Douglass' Narrative is a very...

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Frederick Douglass' Narrative is a very interesting book. Douglass recounts his years in slavery, in which he incurred much abuse. Douglass also recalls his eventual escape. Douglass' Narrative portrays how painful life as a slave was, and how he and his brethren attempted to survive the best they could. This is the story of only one man, but was important because it was a refutation of the views of so many during that time, both in the north and in the south. Douglass' Narrative combated many of the stereotypes that existed during that time. One stereotype that was very prominent during this time period was one that assumed blacks to be an overall inferior race to whites. Now as Douglass points out, slaves were not allowed to learn. There was no schooling for slaves. Anyone who was caught trying to learn was punished severely. This attributed to their inability to increase their mental capacities. As far as being emotionally and morally inferior, slaves were in an extremely difficult life situation. Douglass points out at many different instances, how slaves would be whipped and beaten for any reason their master could come up with. Living in such conditions could not only been detrimental to their psyche, but to their
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Fredrick Douglas - Frederick Douglass' Narrative is a very...

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