Audience Profile Group Project

Audience Profile Group Project - _...

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_______________________________________________________________________________ Your Name (or all members of a group project): Develop an Audience and Use a Profile Audience Identity and Needs Primary reader(s):__________________________________________________________ (name, title) Demographics (FOUR pertinent ones): _ (age, ethnic, education, job, geographic, nation, interest, etc.) 1. 2. 3. 4. Secondary reader(s):__________________________________________________________________ Relationship to you:_______________________________________________ (client, employer, other) Intended use of document:______________________________ (perform a task, solve a problem, other) Audience’s prior knowledge about this topic:_________________ (knows nothing, a few details, other) Additional information needed:_____________________________ (background, only bare facts, other) Probable questions they will ask you (add more lines if necessary):_____________________________ _________________________________________________________________ (?) _________________________________________________________________ (?) Audience’s Probable Attitude and Personality
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Audience Profile Group Project - _...

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