Practice Exam #1

Practice Exam #1 - Dr Reichlerπs Bio 325 TTh 12:30-2pm...

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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Reichlerπs Bio 325 TTh 12:30-2pm Print Name:______________KEY_____________ Exam #1 Feb. 19, 2004 Answer each question as succinctly as possible in the space provided. If needed, continue on the back. If you use a drawing as part of your answer, be sure to also include a written explanation. Read each question carefully and donπt hesitate to ask if a question seems unclear. These questions have specific answers, although for some, more than one answer is possible. To receive full credit you must clearly and fully answer the question being asked. Each question is worth 6 pts , unless otherwise noted, for a total of 103 points possible for this exam. 1. When designing an experiment using the rules of Strong Inference, what is the goal of the experiment? (4 pts) To eliminate or disprove one or more hypotheses 2. What risks are there for a cell with many transposons? too many transposons may lead to too many disruptions in some genes, which may cause mutation. Or, some genes may not be expressed at all because of the transposon disruption. 3. Could an RNA strand with absolutely no areas that were complementary to each other be a candidate for the first biological molecule? Why or why not?...
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Practice Exam #1 - Dr Reichlerπs Bio 325 TTh 12:30-2pm...

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