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Hardware - Memory – RAM primary storage short term...

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Hardware Computers- accept input , process input , stores , provides output . Transforms raw data into useful information . Computing process has 5 parts: Hardware, software, data, people, procedure Computer Program – collection of instructions OS- runs the system Application Software – accomplishes a specific task System Hardware- core of the computer Peripherals – any piece of hardware that is not essential for computer to run Hardware: Input devices, Processing devices, output devices, storage devices CPU: central processing unit, main chip that processes instructions, performs calcs, manages flow of info. Lives on the motherboard. Bus Lines: Electronic pathways Microchips: electronic circuits etched on the small silicon chip (less than 0.13 microns) CPU speeds double every 2 years. Motherboard: contains Microprocessor (aka CPU), RAM, controllers for devices (like mouse, keyboard), ROM chips.
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Unformatted text preview: Memory – RAM: primary storage, short term, volatile. VRAM: video ram SRAM: static ram, improves performance of CPU DRAM: dynamic ram, used for computer’s main memory DDR RAM: double data rate RAM RDRAM: very expensive and very fast Cache: Memory Chip: Small block of very fast memory that sits near or on the CPU, L1 (on chip) L2 (near chip) Disk Cache: Memory attached to hard dick that contains a copy of data that is accessed frequently. ROM: power on self test- part of boot up process that detects problems I/O Operations: ROM Bios, basic input/output system Starts the operating system Byte: 8 bits. KB: 8,000 bits MB: 8,000,000 bits GB: 8,000,000,000 bits TB: 8,000,000,000,000 bits Mainframes: single mainframe services multiple terminals Servers: taking over most of computing, web pages, virtualized computers Microcomputers (aka PC)...
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