Exam 1- Ethics - them. Copyright cops target workplaces,...

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Ethics Ethics- standards of conduct based on core values Values: Beliefs Ethics: Behaviors 4 Ethical Issues P rivacy - who’s info? Who should have access? (Your banking info, sensitive info) A ccuracy - who's responsible for authenticity? Accuracy of information? (wikipedia) P roperty - who owns the info? ( Music, software pirating) A ccessibility - who has the right to access? (info that can be used for profit, by business competitors?) Post 9/11 surveillance is making Orwellian vision of “big brother” a reality. AIM/MSN chat programs are allowed in businesses, but bosses can read and track
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Unformatted text preview: them. Copyright cops target workplaces, schools Some Problems: Cyberstalking Database privacy Email privacy Cookies Identity Theft Encryption Anonymity Spamming Adware: customizes the pop ups you see, tracks your browsing, and builds up databases. Spyware: scans your hard drive for personal info and links your surfing habits to your name/email address, and soon you get SPAMMED. Parasites: installs itself on your computer to do something for someone else’s profit, never asks your permission....
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