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DISCUSSION: Nationalism: intense ideology based on priveleging the nation Socialism: any ideology that looks at society as a whole. Communistic socialism vs. democratic socialism (privileges political liberty and freedom of opportunity) NSDAP was made to appeal to the working class Socialism tied to internationalism modern antisem inherited view of Christianity and antijew. If ou strip the rational for Judaism away and you are just left with that image of jew that is foundation of modern antisem Christianities greatest contribution to antisem is image of jew as “the other”/ not those we associate with or define notions of being “normal” Christians didn’t invent idea of the other but they did invent jew as other in Europe. Modern anti sem different than anti jud bc it has a new foundation for that otherness of jew based on modern systems of thought. Replaced older religious ideas with “objectively, scientific, and rational jewishness outside of
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