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Question of Hitler in history is personality, monocausal (simple) explanations role as Fuhrer and leader, how we corresponded with public allowed him to carry out genocidal actions. o 1. Biography of Hitler 1962 Said he was an opportunist without principle. Hitler preoccupied with gaining power. His justification for power was race and anti-Semitic His primary idea and goal was power o 2. In 1918 hit was fanatically driving a preplanned preordained program that would lead to extermination of Jews, he was planning the extermination before it was even possible to do so o 3. Hitler was a political conman who led ppl in certain way. Hit led ppl astray and therefore germ ppl were not responsible. Problem with this is that Hitler is completely responsible and no one else had any part in it, which is unrealistic o 4. Demonic Hitler. No one can explain evil so his evil incarnation is a mystery o 5. Hitler as a madman. He was crazy in not the sense of insane but rather unable to be understood bc his actions were so cruel. There exists no evidence of Jewish history in his family but his grandfather’s
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