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college freeway2 - if one would have read mein kampf the...

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if one would have read mein kampf the holocaust could have been predicted. There are other and more open minded ways to look at history history is composed of many threads and they can only be interwoven with great difficulty and only after the fact. There are many strands with multiple forces at work that didn’t all cohere. o Alternate model to think of post www1 germany. Paradox: Weimar Republic (Democratic) 1919-1933 Encompassed incredibly hopeful pic of possibility characterized by innovative cultural achievment. It was also period of political breakdown, social misery and cultural pessimism B4 nazis came to power time period was labrorotory for modernity in which we see many modern trends: mass culture, art, etc. Ppl wanted to remake social reality of Europe. They wanted to se radical equality. Wanted to see destruction of manrchy with they did. Visionaries like Einstein and leage of nations Utopian visiaonaries believed a new world can be possible. Thought was we can never ever live in a world where this type of war can happen again. Germany was most liberal country in world, being first welfare state (protect individuals), gay rights, innovative arts movements, all trying to make things equal and function for the masses while destroying classes. Flip side of hopeful pic is equally strong. Emergence of Free Corp: men demobilized by ww1 they didn’t want to end ww1 so they sought out exhiliaration of war with a battlefield mentality to civiliant life. Saw violence as solution. Opposed everything about democratic world.
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Situation of jews is perfect paradox of time: best of times and worst of times that captures the
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college freeway2 - if one would have read mein kampf the...

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