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25 pt plan 10: AS, N 11: AS 12: AS, S 13: S 23: AS, N summary: idea of collective good vs individual. Jews in this document look like they are harming collective good. Idea of “national community”=exclusive racially-based community, one that subordinates the individual. “Lebensraum” aka “living space”l ike in #3. Reflects some of basic principles that Nazis had in early yrs. In 1933 they had not elaborated on these ideas yet, bt they did have them. This became their blueprint in 1933 though. This was devised in 1920 as a campaign to appeal to working class ppl. What Nazis meant when they socialism is “collective” they didn’t care a bout changing class structure or changing social issues they had but rather focus on group as opposed to individual. Jews should become second class citizens and they can stay here as long as they don’t interfere with german national level. Started defining citizenship as race.
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Hitler and role of anti-Semitism. Nothing new in his ideas. He did not invent any of the ideas. Everything that he wrote and believed could be found elsewhere. Hitler had obsession with jews that never wiened. He could use ideas as a tactic and as his own personal feelings. His first ideas are that jew is a religion. Then he says he discovered and read about “jewish question” then one day he had an apparition in which he considered that jews couldn’t just be religion bc they seemed so unhuman. Jews were unchangeable! Weak comsmopolitan and intellectual into a fanatical antisemite. We see in his writing
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college freeway1 - 25 pt plan 10: AS, N 11: AS 12: AS, S...

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