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Marketing Chapter 2- Developing Successful Marketing and Organizational Strategies Learning Objective 1: Describe the kinds of Org’s that exist and the three levels of strategy in them. -Kinds of organizations: business firm- privately owned org that serves customers in order to earn a profit. Non-profit org is non-gov org that serves its customers but does not have profit as an organizational goal. -Org’s that develop similar offerings, when grouped together, create an industry, such as the computer or automobile industry. -Structure of today’s org -Corporate level: where top management directs overall strategy for entire org. CEO is highest ranking officer and is usually a member of the board of directors. -Strategic Business Unit Level: Strategic business unit (SBU): subsidiary, division, or unit of organization that markets a set of related offerings to a defined group of customers. At this level, managers set a more specific strategic direction for their businesses to exploit value-creating opportunities. -Functional level: each Strategic business unit has a functional level, where groups of specialists actually create value for the org. -Cross-functional teams: small number of ppl from diff departments who are mutually accountable to accomplish a task or common set of goals. Learning Objective 2: Describe how core values, mission, org culture, business, and goals are important to orgs. -Organizational foundation (why): 1. Core values 2. Mission 3. Org culture -Core values: fundamental, passionate, and enduring principles that guide its conduct over time. They are developed by an org’s founders or senior management. They capture the collective heart and soul of the org. They should inspire and motivate employees. They are also timeless; and should not
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Text Book Chapter 2 - Marketing Chapter 2- Developing...

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