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Reaction to the Nardi Paper - among many diverse groups of...

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Reaction to the Nardi Paper: My own personal motivation for blogging came as a result of taking Comm245. I was not exposed to posting on a blog before then (and do not currently blog), but I can understand the reasons for doing so. I believe that one of the more intriguing parts of the Nardi paper was the description of how ‘activity theory’ relates to blogging motivation. The concept and essence of a ‘blog’ is very unusual because this medium resides in a space that is open for anyone to read, and people can actively comment on your written text. Thus, it is dissimilar to a ‘diary’ on the Internet. Nardi explains how “blogs are a manifestation of diverse social motives, in which the inscriptions in the blog communicate specific social purposes to others.” I take this to mean that blogs represent a social medium due to the fact that they are part of a space geared towards the interactivity
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Unformatted text preview: among many diverse groups of people. This unique form of communication has brought people closer together; bridging cultures, distances, and time among those who need to interact. Another part of the Nardi paper that I found interesting was the ‘discussion’ section. Parallels were drawn between blogging and the radio, which is engaging because the radio is such a static technology, whereas the Internet is on the rise. These two mediums are similar because anyone can broadcast a message without interruptions, at any time. These characteristics motivate people to have their voices heard, and interact with others on a more frequent basis. Despite blogging being a discontinuous medium, blog posts are available for reading and writing at all times (making them very advantageous for personal contact with others)....
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