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Portrayal of Divine Will Livy 3-70, 98-105, 173-200, 282-92, 298-306 P8: but in my view the fates ordained the founding of this great city… only second to the will of the gods “yet no divine or human power saved her or her offspring from the kings cruelty” Sacrifice 10-12 Romulus p.17 “Jupiter, build temple for you, help fight off these foes” p24. Numa ‘ gods for guidance and augury for making decisions. Consulting gods by augury Gods used as instrument of fear (p27, 28) Tullus and Numa Gods used to seal treaties p(30) Thanking Gods for specific victories 38-39: stones raining from sky to signify Albans must continue worship on ancestor gods.
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Unformatted text preview: 9 day sacrifice ritual. Pestilence. Jupiter struck Tullus with lightning bolt. 40: using the gods to justify reasonableness of demands Gods in Aeneas: Beginning: Juno attempting to destroy boats using the wind gods, Neptune saves Venus continuously appealing to Jupiter to save aeneas Venus use of Cupid to enslave dido Outline: I. Intro Vergil vs. Livy. Gods as divine ruling force vs. gods as human-like powerful beings subject to fate II. Livy examples III. Vergil IV. Conclusion...
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