Final Exam prep - Vocab - First Settlement o 27 BC....

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Vocab - First Settlement o 27 BC. Octavian gives speech to senate pretending to relinquish power. Begged to rule. Renamed imperator Augustus. Given special provinces, proconsular imperium, and appoints friends as legates - Second settlement o 23 BC. Given greater power ‘proconsular imperium.’ Made greater than all senate o Given tribunicia protestas, all tribunician powers without the tribune. Even the power to Veto o Becomes head pontifex maximus after the death of Lepidus. o Named ‘pater patrias’ – father of the country o Army made his private army - Aetiology o Events providing the origin of something, explaining causation Comet in the Aeneid validates Caesar’s claim of divine destiny Aeneas leaving Dido as explanation of Punic wars. - Princeps o Octavian gives himself this title to help retain power. Means ‘first citizen,’ or “First among equals.” - Auctoritas o More than pure authority. Combination of authority from wealthy, prestige, societal standing - Res gestae divi Augusti o The achievmenets of the divine augustus. o Written by Augustus after his death, put in mausoleum. Updated after death in 13 AD. o Makes all achievements seem to stem from Auctoritas rather than from powers and titles. - Simile - Pietas o Piety/loyalty. Following the gods. - Penates o Household gods. Rescued by Aeneas when fleeing from Troy - Katabasis o Descent into the underworld. Paradigmatic hero’s task (Orpheus, Aeneas, Hercules) - Elysium o Land of the blessed souls. Roman version of “heaven.” Where the good souls go in death in the underworld. - Gates of Sleep o Two gates leading out of underworld, horn (true shades) and ivory (false dreams). Aeneas chooses to exit out of the ivory one. - Ring composition - Principate
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- Neronia - Pisonian conspiracy - Ecphrasis o Dramatic description of visual work of art Apollo’s temple’s doors in the Aeneid - Paraprosdokian - Legio - People - Augustus o Octavian. Ruler after Julius Caesar, his great uncle. Signed the second triumvirate between himself, Mark Antony, and Lepidus. Defeated Antony in the battle of Actium in Egypt. Later named Augustus – blessed/ special in 27 BC during the second settlement. - Marcellus - Agrippa o Friend of Octavian, and a famous general. Won the naval battle at Actium. - Achises o Father of Aeneas. Saved by Aeneas during battle of Troy, died during their journey before reaching Latium. Met with Aeneas in underworld to help give guidance. - Sinon o Fooled Trojans into bringing in horse. Said to have been left behind by Greeks after running away because he was chosen as a sacrifice. Pleaded with Trojans and convinced them the Horse was a gift to the Gods. - Laocoon o Priest against bringing in the Trojan Horse. Was eaten by two giant serpents along with his kids. Seen as bad omen by the gods and the horse was brought in. -
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Final Exam prep - Vocab - First Settlement o 27 BC....

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