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Test 1 key terms - Hot hand phenomenon False consensus...

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Social Psychology Exam 1 Key Terms Social psychology ABC’s Hindsight bias Personality psychology Dispositions Cognitive psychology Social cognition Sociology Historical overview Plato Social contract Identity Just world theory Hypothesis Milgram’s (1963) research on obedience to authority Operational definition Socially desirable responding Reliability Validity Mullen (1986) Archival research Participant-observation research Festinger et al. (1956) Variables Dependent variable Standardized procedures Demand characteristics Internal validity Interactions Factorial design experiment Experimental realism IRB Debriefing Memory Schemas Associative network Encoding Outgroup homogeneity effect Reconstructive memory Hirt (1990) Eyewitness testimony Availability heuristic Illusory correlation Perseverance effect Counterfactual thoughts Self-serving judgments Mood & stereotypes Esses et al., (1994) Mood-congruent recall
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Unformatted text preview: Hot hand phenomenon False consensus effect Augmentation principle Correspondence bias Nonverbal behavior Facial expressions Gender/culture differences in nonverbal behavior Looking glass self Social comparison Upward social comparison Overjustification effect Collectivist culture Self-efficacy Illusion of control False hope syndrome Higgin’s self-discrepancy theory Actual self Ideal self Ought self Ingratiation Self-handicapping Actor-observer difference Detecting deceit Evolutionary perspective Negative correlation Chronic accessibility Self-fulfilling prophecy Construals Anchoring and adjusting heuristic External attribution Consistency Distinctiveness Consensus Covariation model Controlled thinking Jones & Harris (1967)’s research on essay writing about Castro Representativeness heuristic Emblem...
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