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Art History - Art History Paper 1 The expansion of Greek...

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Art History- Paper# 1 10-7-06 The expansion of Greek Art Ancient Greek art represents a series, each of its series has its own values, defined and influenced by what was thought of as perfect ideals and style, as well as current issues within the time. If a series of expansions beyond territorial or political boundaries is considered evidence of the overall being and splendor of a civilization that of the Greeks is unparalleled. But for Greece this continuous expansion of its limited natural confines seems to have been predetermined in the founding of Greece, and it is almost impossible to try and see the scope of this expansion in just one period of Greek art. “In the beginning, Hesiod says, there was Chaos, vast and dark. Then appeared Gaea, the deep-breasted earth, and finally Eros, ' the love which softens hearts ', whose fructifying influence would thenceforth preside over the formation of beings an things.”- Homer. 1 This quote by Homer puts the foundations of Greek Art into a clear perspective. Homer, one of the founding cultural fathers of Greek art, was a poet who wrote hymns, the Iliad, and the Odyssey . The only knowledge the Greek’s knew of their origin was found in a large collection of spoken narratives that explain the beginning of the world and detail the lives and adventures of a wide variety of gods, goddesses, and heroes. These narratives became the basis of their existence, so much that the characters within them that were native to the Greek peoples are described as having in essence human but ideal bodies. The artists of the old oriental empires had striven to depict this human perfection. The influence of the old oriental empires carried over into the early archaic period. The need for order in everything from physical to philosophical expression is a feature distinctive to the period of archaic art (700-450 BC). “The Greeks felt that to live 1
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with changing, undefined, unmeasured, seemingly random impressions-to live, in short, with what was expressed by the Greek word chaos- was to live in a state of constant anxiety.” 2 The art within this time period represents order, art that leaves no question, art that represents an ideal formed by forefathers, and art that is defined by geometric pre- distinguished forms. An example of the expansion on the new for order is the Pelpos Kore 530 B.C. This sculpture is the quintessential figure in representing the change of ideals shown in
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Art History - Art History Paper 1 The expansion of Greek...

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