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course_overview - WRITING THE ESSAY ART IN THE WORLD Fall...

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WRITING THE ESSAY: ART IN THE WORLD Fall 2007 A. Elizabeth Mikesell 411 Lafayette St. 4 th floor Office hours: by appointment E-mail: [email protected] “We use our imagination not to escape the world, but to join it.” –Iris Murdoch COURSE DESCRIPTION This is an intensive, foundational writing course that provides instruction and practice in critical reading, inventive thinking, and clear writing. Exploration, inquiry, reflection, analysis, revision, and collaborative learning are essential elements of this course. You will read the writing of many other essayists in order to broaden your understanding of the possibilities available to you as a writer of essays; ideally, this will inform your conceptions of what original work is, what complex thinking looks like, and which types of emotional evidence and exterior texts support the ideas you produce. Directed exercises in thinking and writing will lead you to develop your own ideas, and will guide you in your progress toward the draft of an essay. Work with your peers coupled with input from me will lead you to your final pieces of writing. You will write three different types of essay this semester, each with distinct goals and requirements. The reading and writing you do this semester will take place within a general discussion about the role of art and artists in the world; because many of the required readings will directly pertain to concerns relevant to art, you will often be thinking and writing about these concerns in one way or another. This is not, however, a course in art history. It is a course in essay writing. Please read pages 1 through 8 of Writing the Essay: Art in the World; The World Through Art for a complete explanation of the course, and a description of the learning goals for each essay. 1
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REQUIRED TEXTS Writing the Essay; Art in the World; The World Through Art, 2007-2008 . Darlene Forrest, Randy Martin, and Pat C. Hoy ll, Editors. McGraw-Hill, 2007. Mercer Street : A Collection of Essays from the Expository Writing Program. 2007- 2008. Pat C. Hoy, Andrea McKenzie, and Darlene A. Forrest, Editors. 2007.
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course_overview - WRITING THE ESSAY ART IN THE WORLD Fall...

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