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First stop - Kate Bauer 11 October 2005 Applications of...

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Kate Bauer 11 October 2005 Applications of Interactive Technologies Red Burns Journey on the M5 Bus Route First stop- trendy West Village. On a Sunday, people walk casually across the street, some in exercise clothes, others walking dogs. Bright colored clothing, pointy toed shoes, sushi, banks, Indian food, The Village Yogurt. Then, a different view. Chain stores, Barnes & Noble, Container Store, Burlington, Best Buy. Less trendy, more people shopping, more of a purpose, mixed race, more black and Hispanic, everything wholesale. Lots of pizza, deli’s and McDonald’s, flowers, bags, trading this and that- we are in a neighborhood of commerce, video, nails, eyebrow threading, jewelry and more banks. Buy and sell, video, camera, everything discount. HERALD SQUARE- more shopping, lots of cabs, bigger stores, furniture, clothing, salons, businesses in between, mix, architecture is getting taller, flatter visade, more glass, more money put into buildings, tourists, upper middle class, more shopping, lots of places to sit, idea of working then resting or at least taking a break. This is clearly where people come to work. It is fairly desolate on a Sunday. In fact, the only people who seem to populate this part of town are the tourist and one or two people in suits, who are probably taking a lunch break from their 60- hour work week jobs. ROCKEFELLER CENTER, Radio City Music Hall, Time Life Building- now everything is vertical, people are no longer a part of the architecture but merchants crawling
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First stop - Kate Bauer 11 October 2005 Applications of...

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