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How To Get More From Your Core (a worksheet to get you into and under your text) Often, reckoning with a complex essay happens only on the surface—we summarize at the level of theme or plot rather than get at the level of idea . The following set of exercises should help you crack the surface of the text by getting you to look closely at isolated moments and understand how they fit into the whole of the essay. 1) Look at one of the moments you selected in exercise 5—the moments of fascination/intrigue etc. 2) Restate that passage in your own words using about 4-5 good sentences. Do not “interpret” the passage at this point. Your goal is simply to make the author’s words into your own. Ask yourself: what are the important parts of the paragraph on the level of plot and specific detail? What precisely is the author saying in this paragraph only ? 3) Restate your 4-5 sentences in 1 sentence that begins with “In other words. . .” Your goal here is to pay closer attention to what you felt were the important parts of the author’s
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