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Russell Peck 2/3/08 WTE 8am Lost Book Found I see New York as a series of layers; everything is piled up on top of everything else. Dust particles fly overhead in the sky, they are distant dreams and memories that trail away and are lost forever. The howling of the wind is a cry for help that gets lost and muffled among the buildings and the bodies that wander the streets aimlessly, empty containers in search of souls. The ground, the sidewalk pavement, erodes away every day. Dirt and grime and waste piles up and melds together to create a thick skin that is incessantly trampled upon and broken down again. There is a strange, almost natural cycle of life that goes on in this city. People come to it with ambitions and hope and they write their words down on random scraps of paper or etch them into the glass of a payphone. These secret messages are left behind for others to decipher when uncovered. The ordinary musings of an average person in this densely populated city are overlooked in that person’s lifetime, but may be rediscovered and listened to once they are long gone. Then there are the forms of life that thrive underneath the surface of the city. The subway system and the millions of rats maneuver their way through this strange labyrinth below, transporting the people from above or leading the way in search of someplace or something new. From the street the mumblings of the underground world can be heard but, like so many of the voices we hear, are tuned out or drowned by the presence of others on the ground or the moaning of the sky overhead.
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The Virgin Mother Sound . Walking down Lexington Avenue and into the Lever House courtyard, the
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Lost_Book_Found - Russell Peck 2/3/08 WTE 8am Lost Book...

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