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1 University of Arkansas Fulbright College of Arts and Science Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice CRIMINOLOGY - CMJS/SOCI 3023 - 001 (CLASS # CMJS 7678/ SOCI 7714) Bo Nalley - Instructor Telephone #: 479-575-3205 [email protected] OLD MAIN 305 Office Hours 8:30a.m. – 9:20 a.m. and 1:30 – 2:20 p.m. (M/W/F)and by appointment SYLLABUS – Fall 2007 Course Materials - Required / Optional The REQUIRED Textbook for this course is Criminology: Theories, Patterns and Typologies, 9th Edition, by Larry J. Siegel. There are three (3) additional books that will be used as a part of this course. They include: Biology and Crime by Rowe; The Fence by Steffensmeier; and Crime and Everyday Life by Felson. Please note that the bookstore will return unsold copies of the optional books at the end of February. The quizzes provided in this course require the use of a #2 pencil and twelve (12) SCANTRON FORMS (Form # 882-E). General Course Goals To increase your awareness of the empirical nature and distribution of criminal events surrounding our daily lives. To increase your appreciation of various theories of crime, how they have changed over time, their impact on social policy, and the extent to which they are supported by empirical data. To increase your appreciation of both formal and informal processes of social control as well as their influence on crime and criminals.
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2 Grading Method Your grade for the course will be based on three different types of evaluation. First, I will offer twelve (12) multiple-choice quizzes. I will drop the two quizzes with your lowest scores. Thus, your performance on ten of the twelve quizzes will be used to assess your understanding of the basic concepts and definitions covered in the textbook. Second, You will complete one chapter assignment that will involve the preparation of a summary document and one public speaking class presentation. Third, you will complete one (1) critical book review for your final paper using one of the three books that I have selected for you this semester. Each quiz will cover a specific chapter of the text. Fifteen (15) multiple-choice questions will be included on each test. Each question is worth two points, for a total of 30 points per test. Thus, the total amount of grade points that you can earn from ten of the twelve multiple-choice quizzes is 300 points. All make-up quizzes will be held on Monday November 26 (Quizzes 1-6) and Wednesday 27 (Quizzes 7-12). Maximum of 5 quizzes.
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