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Social Theory Practice Essays - 1.Durkheim (anomie), Marx...

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1.Durkheim (anomie), Marx (alienation), and Weber (disenchantment) theorized about the social processes that separated individuals from society. Define each of these components and briefly explain how these processes of separation should work. Anomie, according to Durkheim, is when people do not know what it is that they should do. This social process works by people not universally believing in a correct response to a situation. When people have a clear understanding of the acceptable societal reaction, they do not suffer from anomie. Marx’s theory of alienation refers to the breaking of relations between people and their production, productive activities, and distancing themselves from their coworkers. This process of separation works through the capitalist removing any creative productive from the worker, thus creating a separation from the worker and their product in exchange for a wage. Disenchantment, as theorized by Weber, is the societies eventual abortion of religion in favor for science. This process works through the further development
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Social Theory Practice Essays - 1.Durkheim (anomie), Marx...

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