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Introductory Sociology — Second Exam — March 22 nd , 2005 [Note: based on 2005 readings. Not all questions apply to 2007 material] 1 According to lecture, people tend to alter their family values when A their parents change their values. B they learn from authorities (governmental, religious) that those values are wrong. C those values conflict with the ways in which they make their livings. D they realize that they can make more money by abandoning their morals. 2 According to lecture, a good example of groupthink in action would be the A transmission of morals from parents to their children. B spread among crusaders, during their meetings, of concern about the dangers of deviant family forms. C transmission of values from adults to kids through the mass media. D development of frustration as people watch the news every night. 3 In “Capitalism and Gay Identity,” the author states that, “the family took on new significance as an affective unit, an institution that provided not goods but emotional satisfaction and happiness” (p. 2). This is because A people no longer produced many economic goods in the home. B people had learned the importance of “companionate marriage,” in which husbands and wives would nurture each other rather than just work together. C societies tend to reconstruct family values from time to time, in search of fresh ideas. D the increasing legitimacy of homosexuality drew attention to the wide variation in human emotion. 4 (Choose the most complete, accurate answer.) According to lecture and “Worldviews of Pro-Life Activists,” pro-life values are more likely to appeal to people who A love their children. B earn their livings by performing the tasks assigned wives in the Victorian marital bargain. C hold objectivist views of morality. D follow Biblical models of family life. E A and D. F B and C. G B and D. H B, C, and D. I A, B, and D. 5 According to “Capitalism and Gay Identity,” human sexuality can be affected most strongly by A values taught in school, such as pro-abstinence sex education. B
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OldQ2Key - Introductory Sociology - Second Exam - March...

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