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Chemistry I Chemistry 1213 – Section 01 Fall Semester 2007 Hand Laboratory, Room 1100 11:00am to 12:15 pm, Tuesday, Thursday Instructor Dr. Kang Xia, 1145 Hand Laboratory phone: 325-5896 Office Hours: 2:00 to 4:30 pm Tuesdays email: [email protected] Textbook Chemistry the Molecular Science, 3 rd Edition by J. W. Moore, C. L. Staniski, and P. C Jurs. Thomson Learning, 2007. You are responsible for all material in chapters 1-10, unless I specifically tell you that some material will be omitted. Information for the required textbook and other materials can be found at: PowerPoint Edited versions of the slides will be available for download (.pdf format) before each class. They will be made available on the class WebCT site. Either logon to “OnCampus” and select the classroom tab, or go to . You can choose between a 2-slide/page, 4-slide/page, and a 6-slide/page version. Online work Up to 10% of your grade can be earned by completing a series of on-line problems. Your textbook contains a subscription to OWL, an online web-based learning system. I will assign problems each week that you must answer within 7 days. You will have unlimited attempts to solve the problems within the 7-day window. The OWL grade will be: % 10 * assigned question of number answered correctly question of number Clickers & Attendance 5% of your grade can be earned by correctly answering in-class questions. The questions will be posed at various times during the lectures and you will answer them using the eInstruction clickers which can be purchased from the bookstore. The clicker grade will be: % 5 * assigned question of number answered correctly question of number Class attendance is mandatory and your presence will be recorded when you answer in- class questions. Four or more absences will prevent you from dropping an exam (see below). Exams There will be three exams during the semester. Each exam will cover the material up to and including the previous class. The final exam will be a standardized test from the American Chemical Society. Point Source Day Date Time Method A Method B Exam 1 Friday Sep. 15 in class 20% Exam 2 Friday Oct. 6 in class 20% Exam 3 Friday Oct. 27 in class 20% Best two exams (30% each) Final Exam Monday December 4 8 – 11am 25% 25% OWL All semester 10% 10% clickers All semester 5% 5% Total Points Available 100% 100% Grading All grades will be posted on-line through WebCT. The following table will be used to assign your grade: Final Average 90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 <60 Final Grade A B C D F 1
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Missed Exam If you miss a regular semester exam and have a written excuse, I will give you a scaled score for the missed test. The scaled score will be computed from your mean score on all other tests. Unexcused absences cannot be made up and you will get a “0” for the exam. Cell Phones and Electronic Devices in the Classroom
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Chemistry%20I-syllabus-2007[1] - Chemistry I Chemistry 1213...

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