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Bionics - Bionics Can you imagine living 200 years with the...

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Bionics Can you imagine living 200 years with the same body and energy as when you are 25 years old? Even if it sounds like science fiction but it is the future of bionic technology. For now the term bionic human is limited to human beings with bodily function aided or controlled by technological devices. For example, amputees with bionics arm and legs. So in the process of creating and refining these sophisticated biomechanical devices the level of thinking process becomes more advanced. As example, can you imagine? The level of thought process when the first computer created. It is much more different than the level of thinking in 2017. Flying Cars Thanks to an engineer named Dezso Molnar, in the near future we are going assemble our own car in our own back yard and drive/fly it like a jet.
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