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1 st Exam Biochem 104b, 2007 Question 1 10 points a) What is the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, what does it describe and what is its significance (use a few short sentences, don’t just write down the equation)? Answer: Given an external restraint on the average free energy of a molecular system, the highest entropy state this system can adopt will be described by the Maxwell- Bolztmann distribution. Since systems always tend towards their maximum entropy state, we can use the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution to calculate the relative probability of finding a molecule in a particular state, simply based on that states energy relative to the energy of all other states. 5 points b) What is the shape of the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution? Answer: The Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution describes the relationship between the free energy of a molecular state and the probability of adopting that state. The shape of this function is that of exponential function (e -x ) where lower energy states are more common and higher energy states are less common. 15 points c) You have a protein that can exist in 4 different inter-converting conformations. Δ G unfold 12kcal/mol 15kcal/mol 13kcal/mol 16kcal/mol From unfolding experiments you know the standard free energy of unfolding for each of these states (the unfolded state is the same in each case). Calculate the relative probability of find the protein in state A and state D. (Assume a temperature of 298 deg. K). Also
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1st_Exam_2007_+answers - 1st Exam Biochem 104b, 2007...

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