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Genetic mapping of critical proteins in tryptophan, tyrosine, and histodine pathways for Bacillus Subtilis , the SB100 strain Bacterial transformation is a well documented phenomenon which allows for exchange of genetic material between cells and their environment, this relationship can be used to determine the recombination frequency for genes and thus a chromosomal position. B. Subtilius undergoes these transformations, and contains critical metabolic pathways that are prone to knockout in prepared strains. Here I studied the uptake of genetic material and frequency of recombination to establish a genetic map for 3 genes, encoding critical proteins in the pathways for tryptophan, histidine or tyrosine. Wild type DNA was isolated, extracted and purified from wild type
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Unformatted text preview: B. Subtilius and added to SB100 auxotroph (a trp- tyr- his- strain) allowing for transformation. The transformed B. Subtilius were then plated on selective media, lacking between 0 and all 3 of the required amino acids; colonies that grew were then once again replated on different selective culture media. Of the total 144 colonies grown, 22 were (his+tyr-), 2 were (tyr+his-), 8 were (tyr+his-), 19 were (trp+tyr-), 3 were (trp+his-), and 16 were (his+trp-). I found the order of the genes was trp-his-tyr with tyr-his map distance of 16%, trp-tyr map distance of 21.5% and his-trp map distance of 13%. Future experiments will increase the number of total bacterial platings, generating more accurate resulting by having more total colonies to analyze results....
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