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BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY 29A PRELAB WRITEUP AND EXPERIMENTAL REPORT SHEET NAME_ T.A.’S NAME DATE_________ EXPERIMENT # __1_____ TITLE synthesis of Hexaphenylbenzene Purpose: To synthesize, purify and quantify Hexaphenylbenzene utilizing a Diels-Alder reaction PRELIMINARY WRITEUP* (INCLUDING EQUATIONS, TABLE OF MATERIALS, THEIR AMOUNTS AND CONSTANTS. AND PRELAB QUESTIONS. Place these questions on the reverse of this page) (* use reverse of both sheets if necessary) Product= Hexaphenylbenzene melts at 465 degrees C, Molecular Weight = 534.66 g/mol Substance Purpose Melting Point (degrees Celsius) Molecular Weight (g/mol) Theoretical amount used Actual amount used Tetraphenylcyclopenatienone Diene reacts with dienophile 217 – 220 384.4764 50mg 0.0499g diphenylacetylene Dienophile reacts with diene 60 178.233 50mg 0.0496g Toluene Solvent 2 helps precipitate product -93 92.1402 0.5mL + wash 0.5mL + additional to precipitate + wash Diphenyl ether Solvent 1dissolves product 28 170.2 0.25mL 0.5mL + additional to dissolve product Tetraphenylcyclopenatienone diphenylacetylene Diphenyl ether Hexaphenylbenzene EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES* (include in preliminary writeup) 1. Place 50mg of both tetraphenylcyclopentadienone and diphenylacetylene into a tube 2. heat mixture until reactants melt into a clear solution 3. a white solid product should form 4. reflux briefly on the tube walls, then remove
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This note was uploaded on 09/21/2008 for the course CHEM 29B taught by Professor Cziplack during the Spring '08 term at Brandeis.

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