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BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY 29A PRELAB WRITEUP AND EXPERIMENTAL REPORT SHEET NAME_ T.A.’S NAME DATE________ EXPERIMENT # __2_____ TITLE Grignard Synthesis of Triphenylmethanol Purpose: To synthesize a Grignard reagent and use it to synthesize, purify and quantify triphenylmethanol utilizing a Grignard reaction PRELIMINARY WRITEUP* (INCLUDING EQUATIONS, TABLE OF MATERIALS, THEIR AMOUNTS AND CONSTANTS. AND PRELAB QUESTIONS. Place these questions on the reverse of this page) (* use reverse of both sheets if necessary) Substance Purpose Melting Point (degrees Celsius) Molecular Weight (g/mol) Theoretical amount used (g) Actual amount used (g) Bromobenzene Reacts with magnesium to form Grignard reagent -30.8 157.02 0.330 0.220mL =.330g Magnesium Reacts with Bromide compound to from Grignard reagent N/A 24.31 0.486 0.485 Phenylmagnesium bromide Grignard reagent N/A 181.21 0.3805 Used in situ Absolute diethyl ether Solvent, without water contamination, in organic layer N/A N/A 2.2mL + as needed for wash 1.2mL + as needed for wash Benzophenone Carbonyl containing compound, that Grignard reagent attacks and reacts with 18.7 182.21 0.365 0.364 Triphenylmethanol Product 164.2 260.32 product product Hydrochloric acid, 3M Reacts away excess Magnesium, performs acid workup N/A N/A 2mL 2mL Aqueous Sodium Chloride, Sodium Sulfate Drying agents that remove water from organic product, remain in aqueous layers (if any) N/A N/A As needed for wash As needed for wash Petroleum Ether Removal of Side Product (specifically biphenyl) N/A N/A 0.5mL 0.5mL 2-Propanol Solvent for recyrstallization N/A N/A As needed 4-5mL Biphenyl Major Side Product 72 154.21 N/A N/A EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES* (include in preliminary writeup) 1. Prepare Glassware ahead of time in Oven, to ensure no contaminating water, all reactions carried out in sealed containers 2. Follow absolute ether extraction protocols 3. place 48.6 mg magnesium into 0.5mL ether 4. place 330 mg bromobenzene into 0.7mL ether
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This note was uploaded on 09/21/2008 for the course CHEM 29B taught by Professor Cziplack during the Spring '08 term at Brandeis.

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