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BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY 29A PRELAB WRITEUP AND EXPERIMENTAL REPORT SHEET NAME_ T.A.’S NAME DATE___3/22/07 ______ EXPERIMENT # __8_____ TITLE Crossed Aldol Condensation Purpose: To generate dibenzalacetone by crossed aldol condensation PRELIMINARY WRITEUP* (INCLUDING EQUATIONS, TABLE OF MATERIALS, THEIR AMOUNTS AND CONSTANTS. AND PRELAB QUESTIONS. Place these questions on the reverse of this page) (* use reverse of both sheets if necessary) Substance Purpose Melting Point (Celsius) Molecular Weight (g/mol) Theoretical amount used (g) Other notes Water Washing agent, solvent 2 in the solvent pair (reduces solubility of solid in the solution, forcing crystallizaiton) N/A N/A As needed Methanol Solvent for UV analysis N/A N/A 20mL Ethanol Solvent for reaction, solvent 1 in the solvent pair (dissolves the solid) N/A N/A 1.6mL + as needed Sodium hydroxide Catalyzes reaction by enol formation N/A N/A Acetone Reacts with benzaldehyde to form aldol condensation, here it is the enolate ion that attack another carbonyl group N/A 58.09 0.058 Density:0.79g/mL Benzaldehyde The carbonyl group attacked by the enolate ion -26 106.13 0.212 Density:1.045g/mL Methyl isobutyl ketone Side product -84 100.2 N/A Density:0.80g/mL Dibenzalacetone Final product Varies with isomer (110, or 60, or liquid at room temp) 234.4 N/A EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES* (include in preliminary writeup) 1. mix 1.6 mL ethanol, 0.212g benzaldehdye and 2mL of sodium hydroxide in a reaction tube 2. add 0.058g acetone to reaction tube
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This note was uploaded on 09/21/2008 for the course CHEM 29B taught by Professor Cziplack during the Spring '08 term at Brandeis.

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