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BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY 29A PRELAB WRITEUP AND EXPERIMENTAL REPORT SHEET NAME_ T.A.’S NAME DATE_________ EXPERIMENT # __9_____ TITLE Purpose: PRELIMINARY WRITEUP* (INCLUDING EQUATIONS, TABLE OF MATERIALS, THEIR AMOUNTS AND CONSTANTS. AND PRELAB QUESTIONS. Place these questions on the reverse of this page) (* use reverse of both sheets if necessary) Substance Purpose Melting Point (Celsius) Molecular Weight (g/mol) Theoretical amount used (g) Other notes Propionic acid The carboxylic acid, becomes protonated and gets attacked by the alcohol N/A 74.1 0.02 mol Density = .99 g/ ml Water Product, evaporated away to drive reaction forward N/A N/A N/A 3-methyl 1- butanol Attacks the protonated carboxylic acid, with proton transfer N/A 88 0.02 mol Density = 0.81g/ ml Isoamyl propionate Product N/A 144.2 N/A BP is 162 degrees Celsius Dowex resin Preforms acid catalysis of reaction N/A N/A 0.4 EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES* (include in preliminary writeup) 1. in a reaction tube add 0.02 mol of propionic acid and 0.02 mol of isoamyl alcohol 2. add 0.4g dowex resin and boiling chips 3. attach empty distilling column to reaction tube (usage as air condenser) 4. reflux for 20-30 min, allowing water to collect in the upper elbow 5. cool to room temperature 6. remove product 7. determine boiling point and perform IR MODIFICATIONS AND OBSERVATIONS* (Obtained from the lab experience.) The propionic acid and isoamyl alcohol were both clear and colorless liquids, and upon mixture remained clear and colorless. After initial heating no change occurred and small amounts of
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This note was uploaded on 09/21/2008 for the course CHEM 29B taught by Professor Cziplack during the Spring '08 term at Brandeis.

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