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BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY 29A PRELAB WRITEUP AND EXPERIMENTAL REPORT SHEET NAME_ T.A.’S NAME DATE_________ EXPERIMENT # __10_____ TITLE Nylon Synthesis Purpose: To synthesize nylon 6,10 by a condensation reaction PRELIMINARY WRITEUP* (INCLUDING EQUATIONS, TABLE OF MATERIALS, THEIR AMOUNTS AND CONSTANTS. AND PRELAB QUESTIONS. Place these questions on the reverse of this page) (* use reverse of both sheets if necessary) Substance Purpose Molecular Weight (g/mol) Theoretical amount (g) Other notes Formic Acid Nylon solvent N/A 1-4mL Acetone Nylon solvent N/A 1-4mL Methanol Nylon solvent N/A 1-4mL Thionyl chloride Activates carboxylic acid, forming an acid chloride 118.97 0.25mL 1.63 g/mL Density Sebacic acid A Carboxylic acid, reacts with thionyl chloride to form the reactive acid chloride 202.25 0.25 Hexane-1,6 diamine A diamine that undergoes addition-elimination reaction with the acid chloride forming an amide 116.21 0.25 N,N dimethylformamide Acid chloride generation reaction solvent N/A 1 drop dichloromethane Organic Reaction solvent N/A 12mL Sebacoyl chloride Acid chloride, reacts with diamine in addition- elimination reaction forming an amide N/A In Situ Water Diamine solvent N/A 6mL Sodium hydroxide Used to react away the produced hydrochloric acid N/A 1mL of 3M solution Silicone grease Used to prevent polymer adhesion to the reaction beaker N/A As needed Hydrochloric acid Product, drives both reactions forward N/A N/A Sulfur dioxide Product, drives acid chloride reaction forward N/A N/A Nylon 6,10 Product Unknown (condition dependent) Each subunit is 282.4 N/A EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES* (include in preliminary writeup) 1. place 0.25g of sebacic acid, 0.25 mL thionyl chloride and 12 mg (or 1 drop) of N,N dimethylformamide 2. make sure cover solution but allow for gas escape into a water gas trap 3. heat the tube to 60-70 degrees Celsius using water bath to maintain temperature 4. after gas evolution has ended add 2mL dichloromethane to reaction tube, and transfer to a greased beaker 5. dilute to 12mL with dichloromethane 6. mix 0.25g hexane 1,6 diamine with 6mL water and 1mL 3M sodium hydroxide
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