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Bishop 1 Dr. Bill Wisser HI-216 11 May 2009 Cidade Baixa / The Lower City – Brasil The modern day film depicts the daily struggles experienced by the majority of the populace of Brazil just to make ends meet. The poverty trickles into the daily lives of the inhabitants in how they treat each other. The film is about two male friends, Deco and Naldinho, who on one of their trips transporting commodities via the river system, offered a ride to a young prostitute to a neighboring city. Over time a relationship develops between the three and threatens to break them apart through jealousy and greed. With the state of the economy, the friends must struggle to avoid the temptations of illegal behavior, of which seems to be predestined in this society. While there is little historical significance to the movie, the standard of living portrayed is similar to that of The Unedited Diaries of Carolina Maria de Jesus read in class. While the characters in the movie were not always close to starving as Carolina Maria, it is important to acknowledge that they achieved their standard of living through illegal means. The trio’s means of making money were exactly what Carolina detested and wrote about in her diaries. Carolina wrote about how she hated lazy people who drank, stole, fought and engaged in prostitution. The people in the movie were not lazy, but they were desperate for work and had few alternatives. The state of poverty forced Deco to resort to boxing, of which he didn’t want to do, but was
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Film Review_course_hero - Bishop 1 Dr Bill Wisser HI-216 21...

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