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Paper_course_hero - Bishop 1 Professor Bill Wisser HI-216...

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Bishop 1 Professor Bill Wisser HI-216 13 May 2009 A Social Reformer through Example The life of Carolina Maria de Jesus was a life of struggle, perseverance and values in a turbulent time in Brazil’s history for people of the favelas. Carolina was a unique individual who confronted adversity in a positive fashion, contrary to others. Her daily interactions with the residents of the favelas as well as multiple relationships with men gave rise to her morally sound values echoed repeatedly through her diary. Carolina was by all means a social reformer, however not in the traditional sense of the word. She was not radical or revolutionary and never called for drastic changes, but she acted like an upright citizen through her voice and criticism of the injustices she saw. Countless examples exist that illustrate Carolina’s role as a social reformer, but one has to keep in mind that her children were a big priority also. As a result Carolina exemplified a different form of the term “reformer,” nonetheless she was the epitome of a “social reformer” because she was influential in advocating change, despite how one argues the definition of success. The importance is that she began the arduous journey towards improved conditions for the people despite her underdog status without support from either side of the Brazilian socio-economic divide. Carolina’s book opens itself up to critics through its ambiguity about certain things which can be interpreted in different ways. One has to remember that the text is a compilation of her diary entries and reflect her thoughts on anything she feels like expressing. To argue that Carolina was a social climber and dreamed of status, material wellbeing and dominance over others would be a difficult undertaking as Carolina never mentioned any fantasies of being rich.
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Bishop 2 From the beginning she dreamed of getting out of the slums and building a house outside the city on land to plant and raise chickens. Such a dream is realistic and humble. Carolina never had intentions of becoming rich: “Rich! Word that I find disgusting to hear” (102). Carolina
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Paper_course_hero - Bishop 1 Professor Bill Wisser HI-216...

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