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notes 9-12 - Self Report Data – Clearance rate –...

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CJ 110 Notes 9-12 Characteristics of Crime o Crime versus deviance Crime is a small subset of deviance (you must break a law) You can be deviant without being a criminal o The expansion of Law o Changes over time (priorities shift) o Seriousness varies by place o Type of crime varies by place o What we know about murder Rare event 1990s declines City/place specific o Measuring Crime Official Data – any data provided by an organization Uniform crime reports o Description Reports began in 1930 collected by FBI 16,000 police agencies provide data voluntarily Reports of crimes known to police are included Reports voluntarily submitted by law enforcement o Limitations/problems with UCR Crime index Violent crimes – homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault Property crimes – vehicle theft (most likely to be reported to police), larceny, burglary, arson As seriousness of crime increases, the frequency of the crime decreases Victimization Data – surveying asking people
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Unformatted text preview: Self Report Data – Clearance rate – compares the number of rimes reported to the number of crimes solved by arrest or by other means On average 50% of all index crimes are reported to the police • 26% of thefts • 50% of burglaries • 45% of rapes • 57% of robberies • Victims may not report crime State law definitions may be different than UCR definitions Systematic errors in reporting hierarchy rule Deliberate alteration Ignores a lot of criminal activity o Why crime went down in the 1990s Demographics – baby boomers Drug market stabilization Unemployment decreased so more people working Improvements in criminal justice o The new UCR (NIBRS) Uses incident based not summary based reporting Expands data collected • More victim offender data • More circumstance Expands offense reporting • 22 offenses • Distinguish attempts Does not use hierarchy rule...
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