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Character Analysis - Character Analysis King Lear He is the...

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Character Analysis King Lear- He is the ruler of Britain who is planning on dividing the kingdom for his three daughters. Lear commands his daughters to answer the question: Which of you shall we say doth love us most (I.i.) The daughter who proves that she loves him the most will receive the greatest amount of land in the kingdom. In scene one, act one, it is established that Lear has a big ego therefore he wants his daughters to flatter him by expressing their love for him. Goneril and Regan, his eldest daughters, feign their love for Lear with their pompous declaration. Lear’s old age easily affects his judgment because he trusts his two conniving daughters over his faithful daughter, Cordeila. Lear has a bad temper, which is brought out when Cordelia states her truthful love for him . His cruelty is shown when he states: For evermore I shall regard you as a stranger to my heart and me(I.i). Cordelia- She is the most truthful of Lear’s three daughters. Her love for her father is authentic. When asked to state her love for Lear, she simply responds:
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