Exam# 1 Study Guide

Exam# 1 Study Guide - GEOG 1 EXAM ONE STUDY GUIDE Chpt 1:...

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GEOG 1 EXAM ONE STUDY GUIDE Chpt 1: Intro to the Earth Geography as a Field of Learning “What is where and why it’s there” Two major divisions: Human & Physical The Four Environmental Spheres (atmos-, litho-, hydro-, bio-) The Size and Shape of the Earth (know radius, circumference, and shape: “oblate spheroid”) The Geographic Grid : (what latitude & /longitude are, how they are measured, their ranges, & the important meridians & parallels we discussed) Earth’s Movements (daily rotation on its axis & annual revolution around the Sun in elliptical orbit) Annual March of the Seasons (Know all about the Solstices, Equinoxes & Changes in Day length) Know why we have seasons (Earths 23.5º tilt from perpendicular to the plane of its orbit PLUS its axial parallelism or the “polarity” of its tilt) Time 24 Standard Time Zones (15º apart centered on ‘standard meridians) International Date Line: (where the new day originates and how it travels westward thru Asia & Europe before reaching the US) Also know how we adjust date when one crosses 180 th meridian: (move date forward if traveling West; move it back if traveling East) Daylight Savings Time: why invented and why locations in the Tropics have no use for it Chpt 2: Portraying Earth The Nature of Maps (Selective Portrayal of Locational & Thematic Data) Map Scale (large vs small scale maps, and difference between fractional vs verbal vs graphic scales) Map Projections Cartographer’s dilemma: it’s impossible to keep shapes, directions, areas, & scale all correct
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Exam# 1 Study Guide - GEOG 1 EXAM ONE STUDY GUIDE Chpt 1:...

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