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Tuesday, September 23 rd 3:50-5:10 PM Bring a pencil and a photo ID Review Session: room PSY A 109 Thursday 1:30-3:30 Psychology (study of the soul) i. Scientific study of behavior and individuals. ii. Harder to be scientific and objective because of ethics and the human aspect. iii. 1879 is often used as the beginning of real psychology, making it a very young science. iv. Originally a branch of philosophy. v. Since the 1980’s mental processes have been added to the study of psychology. Previously it was just observable behavior that was studied. vi. Study: Rated children on aggressiveness and found that aggressive children considered many more things more provocative than the non-aggressive children. vii. Animal behavior is a useful field of psychology. Human and animal behavior are often interconnected in the field of psychology. viii.Animal Research: ix. Animals do show memory and vocalizations. Psychologists do not believe that animals truly reason. They do show cognitive processes, however different from human processes. x. Early psychologists did not attribute cognitive processes to animals. Now they are given a bit more credit. xi. An instinct must be shared by every member of a species. Goals of Psychology. i. To describe behavior. a. Operational Definition – a definition of a behavior given in a way that it could be defined. Example: Intelligence defined by the Wechsler Intelligence Score. b. The description of behavior should be as objective as possible. ii.
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notes - Exam 1 Chapters 1-4 Tuesday, September 23rd...

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