essay 2 final draft

essay 2 final draft - Tonna 1 I got an A on every paper....

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Tonna 1 I got an A on every paper. . please do not turn this in and claim it for yourself, it is merely a study guide to help you. English 1A Ms. Finnegan Operation Ehrenreich In Nickel and Dimed, Ehrenreich attempts to prove that living on the minimum wages established by our government is extremely hard if not impossible. For her experiment, she works multiple low-wage jobs, occasionally two at once. For each experiment, she analyzes her coworkers, the owners, the hiring procedures, along with analyzing other factors that she encounters on a daily basis. In addition, she notes that, unlike the typical low-wage worker, she has no children to support and no debt. Furthermore, she notes that all of her experiments started out with preexisting funds. Ehrenreich believes that the biggest problem for low-wage workers is their invisibility in the eyes of upper and middle class workers. This is a problem, because without recognition, there is no possibility for change. Ehrenreich concludes that it is extremely difficult to live off of low-wages. Essentially, working for minimum wage makes the general working poor hopeless unless the government intervenes with a higher minimum- wage requirement. In the final chapter “Evaluation,” Ehrenreich concludes that “no job, no matter how lowly, is truly ‘unskilled’” (193). She continues to say that although she had a Ph. D., every job that she worked in during this experiment required most, if not all, of her mental and physical capacity, even in some cases, to the breaking point. Ehrenreich states that every job, ranging from waiting tables to cleaning floors “presents a self-contained
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Tonna 2 social world, with its own personalities, hierarchy, customs, and standards” (194). When talking about the job working as a maid in Maine, she writes that some jobs you can only do for a short while before your body can not take it anymore. Ehrenreich decides that for her job, she would give herself a B+ for her success, but on food server jobs where she walked out, some would consider her a failure. Ehrenreich did have moments where she splurged, for example; when she purchased $30 slacks and a $20 belt for work; also, when she treated herself (using her emergency funds) to a dinner including wine at Applebee’s, immediately after being
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essay 2 final draft - Tonna 1 I got an A on every paper....

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