United States of WAL-MART outline (flawless)

United States of WAL-MART outline (flawless) - English 1A...

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English 1A November 19, 2007 Outline Essay #2 In the final chapter, Ehrenreich concludes that working a low wage is almost impossible to escape the low-wage work force. Even with no children, no car troubles or any set backs The solutions that she proposes o What I believe needs to be done is “punish” the employer so their profit doesn’t hurt the employee. Minimize the profit difference between the two. I think that the problem lies with the invisibility of the low wage workers that people do not want to see the low wage workers because seeing them makes them uncomfortable. People like that do not want to feel pity or feel uncomfortable. These workers are invisible to the middle and upper class (99, 216) In the final chapter “evaluation” what does Ehrenreich conclude from her experiment? 1 Regardless of her status outside of this experiment, she was not considered better or even stuck out by any of her coworkers. (194) She notes that every job “presents a self-contained social world, with its own personalities, hierarchy, customs, and standards. 194 “you need to be fast and thorough, but not so fast and thorough, but not so fast and thorough that you end up making things tougher for everyone else. o Against: so I desisted, just as I would have slowed down to an arthritic pace in any job, in the event that a manager showed up to do some time- and-motion study. 195 o Similarly at walmart, a coworker once advised me that, although I had a lot to learn, it was also important not to “know too much,” or at least never to reveal one’s full abilities to management, because “the more they think you can do, the more they’ll use you and abuse you.” There are few and no rewards for heroic performance 195 Physically and mentally demanding o Some jobs you can only do a short while before your body can’t take it anymore (house cleaning, maid in Manhattan) She gives herself a B+, but she quit at a few jobs… wouldn’t that mean she fails? 196
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United States of WAL-MART outline (flawless) - English 1A...

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