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Good Noise Essay - A - Tonna 1 English 1 A October 8 2007...

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Tonna 1 English 1 A October 8, 2007 Success Anne Witte Garland’s story Good Noise features Cora Tucker, an African American woman who grew up working in the fields as a sharecropper. At a young age, she stopped going to school to help her family in the fields. Not only did she help her family, but she helped her neighbors who also worked in the fields with her, by trying to get them to apply for food stamps. Cora Tucker learned at a young age to take advantage of benefits in life, like when her mom refused to receive any help from the government and others. Because of her ignorance and being too proud, Cora’s mother refused the help and told her “We didn’t have anything else; the kids only had themselves to be proud of” (360). Later in Cora’s life, she begins working as a seamstress and attempts to rally the other women workers to unionize, due to unsafe working conditions. She developed back problems and is diagnosed with cancer, but treatment was time consuming so she stopped them in order to dedicate more time towards the community. Cora started a foundation known as the Citizens for a Better America (CBA), also participating in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). In the story, Cora Tucker was determined to work for equality, even by teaching herself to drive. Picking people up getting them to register and vote. Her controversial position naturally attracted enemies, who would threaten her, harass her and even spit on her. However, she did acquire many friends and committed followers. When running for mayor, her extreme “do whatever it takes” attitude was ahead of its time and she did not win. Cora Tucker won the hearts of
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Good Noise Essay - A - Tonna 1 English 1 A October 8 2007...

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