moving from the margins (A+)

moving from the margins (A+) - English 1B T Hansen February...

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English 1B T. Hansen February 1, 2006 Immigration Alteration Adela de la Torre shows strong views regarding Latino immigration in her compilation of articles, quotes and personal testimony. Moving from the Margins , portrays the many controversies that are behind immigration and the voice that is rarely heard. The first chapter is dedicated to immigration rights, laws, and their effect on America’s economy along with her ideas for a better future. Her thesis for the first chapter is that “the only solution to immigration reform is an economic policy that stimulates employment and economic growth, both here and in Mexico” (pg. 5). I will use her thesis to describe the following and their effects on Latino immigration, she will cover; immigration reform, including immigration rights and politics; economic policy that stimulates employment, which in return benefits America’s economy; along with the connection of America and Mexico and her goal of eliminating boarders all together. Her strengths and weaknesses will be embedded within the articles along with decision of the fairness regarding the author’s arguments. The first conflict of her thesis is the lack of rights immigrants have when they come in the United States. Adela de la Torre fights Proposition 187, which denies illegal immigrants social services, health care, and public education by claiming that it is a symbol of the anti-immigration and racism. She continues to say that if “…health professionals, teachers and social workers plan to engage in civil disobedience if asked to enforce provisions of 187” (11). That quote states that even if this proposition is voted in,
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the immediate enforcers of this law, health professionals, teachers and social workers, will not obey it, in return the proposition would be a waste of America’s tax dollars. A major problem with Proposition 187 is that if it were in effect, there would be unfair labeling and judging of others based on their appearance and ethnicity, creating more separation between races. In the chapter, Many a Slip ‘twixt Passage and Enforcement , de la Torre introduces Proposition 187 using an unfair news article from the Los Angeles Times , where they compare Hitler’s Nazi regime and his plans to exterminate all Jews toward Governor Pete Wilson’s plans to enforce Proposition 187. Granted, they were both announced on the same day; it can easily be still seen as an overstatement and be taken as offensive to some. Adela de la Torre fails to recognize that Proposition 187 is guided towards illegal immigrants, not the Latino community. However, despite this tension between the United States and “outsiders”, de la Torre believes that Mexicans and “Americans” should unite as one. Adela de la Torre believes that there shouldn’t be a boarder between the two
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moving from the margins (A+) - English 1B T Hansen February...

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