Personal Belonging paper - Final Draft

Personal Belonging paper - Final Draft - Padraic OBrien...

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Padraic O’Brien English 100:24 Alan Pound 2/13/08 “More than just a cellular device?” Cell phones are seen everywhere and used by nearly every individual living in this day and age. Today’s cell phones have an array of uses, features, and come in a variety of styles. Looking back at the last decade or so, saying cellular technology has come a long way would be an understatement, cellular technology, along with other technological devices, have continued to push the envelope daily. Cell phones become outdated on a weekly basis, and certain features of one specific model will always be surpassed by those of another model in a short amount of time. With all of this readily available to every American consumer, can these devices still retain a value more than that of their monetary worth? I strongly believe these devices reflect their owner’s character. By simply examining the average American’s mobile phone, one can uncover a large amount of information about that particular person, more so than almost any other object the individual may carry with them at any given time. Therefore, I believe my own cell phone says a lot more about me than the fact that I own one of my own. A person’s service provider says more about them than one would assume. I personally own a phone with service provided by T-Mobile, which says a lot about my character. Simply observing one T-Mobile advertisement opens eyes to the large groups this company targets. If one were to look at a map of serviceable areas of T-mobile, it would be easily recognized that the areas in which I spend the most of my time are covered by their towers. If you were to delve into the community from which I graduated high school, you would notice a large number of
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This note was uploaded on 09/21/2008 for the course ENGL 100 taught by Professor Pound during the Spring '08 term at Wisc River Falls.

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Personal Belonging paper - Final Draft - Padraic OBrien...

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